November 5, 2020
JMAG Division,
JSOL Corporation

Notice of JMAG License Server Migration

The JMAG-Designer license server standard will be changed as below from FLEXlm to LM-X. While we apologize for any inconvenience that this change may cause, LM-X licenses will be issued during the next update to customer contracts.
For those who wish to perform environment builds or verifications for a duration of more than one month prior to this, please contact the distributor where you purchased JMAG.
Those additionally using JMAG-Studio who are yet to consult out support team regarding this migration are also requested to contact your distributor.

  • Target software: JMAG-Designer
  • License system migration period: Until March, 2021.
    *Please be advised that the issuing of FLEXlm licenses will cease in March, 2021.
  • Fig. 1 Migration schedule (example: for contract renewal in October)

    Fig. 1 Migration schedule (example: for contract renewal in October)
  • What is LM-X?
    LM-X is license management software developed by the X-Formation company.

  • Do I need to apply for LM-X licenses and migrate my system?
    Because JSOL will be issuing LM-X licenses for users, no additional applications for licenses are necessary. In terms of migrating your system, however, we must request that the necessary procedures are handled by the customer themselves.

  • What is the schedule for the migration to LM-X?
    The LM-X migration period is until March, 2021. LM-X licenses will be issued when contracts are next updated. Those who desire a verification period are requested to please contract the migration consultation desk.

  • Can older versions of JMAG be used with LM-X?
    LM-X licenses are compatible with JMAG-Designer Ver.15.1 Windows 64bit and later. Those using JMAG-Studio or JMAG-Designer Ver.15.0 and older / 15.1 32bit are requested to please update to the latest version of JMAG.

Concerning the LM-X license server

LM-X developer: X-Formation Company
For installation and usage of the LM-X license server, please refer to the manual.

It is also possible to check the connection status to the license server, to reserve licenses, and to use monitoring and server management functions.

Comparison of system operations between LM-X and FLEXlm

Items LM-X FLEXlm How to use with the LM-X license
Multiple license files N/A Specify multiple file paths in a server configuration file (LICENSE_FILE)
Reserving a license Limited Client can reserve JMAG Licenses from JMAG License Center
License borrowing Limited Elimination of restrictions on the use of some tools with FLEXlm
License borrowing is specified by JMAG License Center
Server load displaying Limited Provided with the client end user tool
・JMAG license center status display
・LM-X Client tool (java) graphical display
License reloading Command line or LM-X Client tool
Client restrictions Specified in a server configuration files (ALLOW_IPADDR_*, DENY_HOST_*)
Log output control Specified in a server configuration file (LOG_FORMAT)
Redundant server configuration Specified at license issue

Confirming License Usage Status and Logs

Usage status can be confirmed by using this tool, and logs can be output as text.
Confirming License Usage Status and Logs

Documents Regarding LM-X

Documents regarding LM-X are available for viewing online. Documents are introduced in the order recommended for those installing LM-X. A license ID and password are necessary for viewing each of these documents.

  1. Installation Manual
    See the latest installation manual on the downloads site for how to install and configure settings for LM-X. These describe each step in sequential order from installing the license server to starting the license server.

    • Obtaining the Installation Manual
      Access to the downloads site from the below URL and select the [Installation manual] PDF manual under [Installer] > [Windows/Linux].
      Click the installer under JMAG home global navigation > User Support > Downloads > JMAG-Designer Ver.19.1.
    • Instructions for LM-X
      For installing and configuring settings, see the following items.
      [License Server Installation Manual] > [4. Using the LM-X License System]
  2. Technical FAQs
    For any issues that occur after installation, please refer to Technical FAQs. These summarize operation procedures and troubleshooting for certain expected occurrences during license server migration. For FAQs regarding LM-X, see the item [a3].LM-X.
    Click Technical FAQs under JMAG home global navigation > User Support.


    • “How to change the reference license sever from FLEXlm to LM-X.” (05. Method of operation – 1052)
    • ”How to update the license file (*.lic).” (3. Operating procedure – 1045)
    • ”JMAG-Designer Ver.17.1 will not start.” (6. Trouble – 1062)
  3. JMAG User’s Manual
    Please refer to the JMAG User’s Manual for how to select license systems to use, and how to use the License Setup Tool. Other tools relevant to licenses are also described in the manual.

    • How to Obtain the JMAG User’s Manual
      Download and unzip the [Manual] zip file under [Documents] in the downloads site of the URL below.
      Click the manual under JMAG home global navigation > User Support > Downloads > JMAG-Designer Ver.19.1
    • Instructions for LM-X
      Instructions for LM-X can be found in the License section. Open the Licenses.pdf file under [DOC] in the unzipped folder and refer to the following sections.

      • [Switching the License System to Use]
      • [Setting Licenses (License Setting Tool)]

LM-X License Installation

See the latest installation manual for details on how to install LM-X.
Select the module from the downloads page, and select the installer.

To All JMAG-Studio Users

To All JMAG-Studio Users (PDF, 666KB)


Migration Consultation Desk
Please contact the distributor where you purchased JMAG