February 16, 2021
JMAG Division,
JSOL Corporation

JSOL and voestalpine Announce Partnership Strengthening Electromagnetic Field Simulations

JSOL Corporation (hereafter referred to as “JSOL”) and voestalpine Stahl GmbH, one of the world’s leading steel companies headquartered in Austria, announced the formation of a partnership to integrate voestalpine’s electrical steel data into JSOL’s JMAG, simulation software for electrical machines, which will be available in the JMAG version 19.1.

Electromagnetic steel sheets are used in motors, transformers, and many other types of electrical machines. Electric vehicles, power facilities for renewable energy, and various types of compressors continue to improve in performance aiming to make a difference in climate change and become more energy efficient.

JMAG has a database of highly reliable material characteristics data, such as magnetic and loss characteristics, benefiting from partnerships formed with a variety of material manufacturers to achieve high fidelity simulations of electrical machines. With this partnership, more than 80 types of electrical steel sheet data have been added to JMAG-Designer Ver.19.1, 20.0 and it will enable even higher accuracy electromagnetic field simulations.

*About voestalpine Stahl GmbH:

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