Dec 8, 2023
JMAG Division,
JSOL Corporation

Notice of Access Resumed to the JMAG Download Site (2023-12-08)

Access to the JMAG download site, which had previously been suspended since November 27, has now been resumed.
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

 Download service suspension period: From November 27 2023 19:50 to December 8 2023 20:00

With access resumed to the download site, the installers for JMAG-Designer Ver. 22.0, 22.1, and 22.2 have also been recreated.

An issue occurred with the procedure during the checks involved prior to moving the JMAG download site. It was therefore necessary for us to suspend the server.
When running tests in order to resume the download site as soon as possible, CRC (the function for detecting errors in data transmission) errors occurred in the downloaded files. Time then had to be dedicated to investigating the cause of the errors.
We have now recreated the installers for the three supported versions of JMAG-Designer Ver. 22.0, 22.1, and 22.2, and have also confirmed that no CRC errors occur. We have therefore resumed the download service.

We apologize again for the extended suspension of the download service due to a combination of the two above issues: both the errors in the web server operation procedures and CRC errors.
We will make the utmost effort to ensure that these issues do not occur again.

We ask that those who will be installing JMAG-Designer please use the recreated JMAG-Designer installers if at all possible.

The JMAG download site can be found here.

For inquiries, please contact us below:

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