Software License Agreement

Drive Forward with MBD JMAG-RT Viewer

This is an agreement between JSOL Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “JSOL”) and the user whom is licensed to use the JMAG-RT Viewer software (hereinafter referred to as “this software”) license (hereinafter referred to as “the user”).
The user acknowledges that they are bound by the terms and conditions in this agreement when the user installs this software on a computer, or the user uses this software on a computer which it is installed.

Article 1 Licensing
  1. JSOL grants the user the right to use this software free of charge only after the user agrees to the terms and conditions in this agreement.

Article 2 Restrictions
The user is prohibited from any and all of the following actions:
(a) duplicating, modifying, or reverse engineering any and all parts of this software;
(b) allowing a third party to duplicate, modify, or reverse engineer any and all parts of this software;
(c) distributing any and all parts of this software.

Article 3 Limitation of Liability
JSOL provides this software to the user, ‘as is’ without any expressed or implied warranty in particular that this software is free of defects, fit for any particular purpose, or that the user’s use of this software does not infringe on any third parties’ intellectual property rights. JSOL is not liable to the user for any damages, including compensatory, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages, related to or resulting from the user’s or a third party’s use, whether direct or indirect, of this software.

Article 4 Property Rights
JSOL retains all of the rights to this software (including, but not limited to rights in the following clauses) in all of its forms whether original, copies, or modifications.
(a) JSOL retains the right to grant use of this software to any third parties.
(b) JSOL retains all of the rights to lend or transfer this software to any third parties.
(c) JSOL retains the rights to create any and all derivative works of this software.

Article 5 Copyright Notice
Under no circumstances, can the user delete or modify any notices which JSOL attached or indicated on the Software to show that JSOL has copyright or authorship.

Article 6 Confidentiality
  1. The user may not disclose any information they gain related to this software to any and all third parties. The user acknowledges that confidential information includes all or part of this software which is the exclusive property of JSOL.
  2. The user is bound by the terms and conditions in Article 6 even after this agreement is terminated.

Article 7 Period of Use
This software is valid from the day of installation to . The license can be extended before the license expires by applying for an extended license.

Article 8 Applying for an Extended License
JSOL will notify the user before their software license expires and becomes invalid.
When this notification is provided by JSOL, the user will also be notified of the period within which they can extend their software license. If the user would like to extend their software license, they are required to fill out and submit a questionnaire to JSOL. JSOL recognizes this questionnaire as a request for an extended license from the user and JSOL will issue an extended license key. The software license can be used adhering to the terms and conditions outlined in this software license agreement.

Article 9 Terms of Agreement
This agreement is valid from the day of installation until the user terminates their use of this software.
If a period of time is specified for the valid use of this software, this agreement is terminated when that specified period expires.

Article 10 Default and Termination
This agreement is terminated the moment the user breaches any of the articles within this agreement, or the moment the period of use is exceeded.
The user is required to terminate their use of this software, uninstall this software from any and all machines it is installed, and the user must delete all compornents related to this software from any and all computers.

Article 11 Support
  1. This software is for trial use only and has no support services. Therefore, JSOL is not required to answer any technical questions related to this software.
  2. This software is for trial use only, therefore the user may not receive services related to notification of program upgrades or version updates.
  3. This software is for trial use only, therefore some of the functions are restricted. For information including how to install this program and the functions that are restricted, see the README.TXT or download page.
  4. For any information except as support in Article 11.1, contact:

JMAG Division, JSOL Corporation
Address: KUDAN-KAIKAN TERRACE 11th Floor, 1-6-5,Kudanminami,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-0074, Japan
TEL: +81(0)3-6261-7361

Article 12 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, and the user agrees that the Tokyo District Court of Japan has the exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes concerning this Agreement.