[JFT060] Processing Measured Hysteresis Curves

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In order to increase the accuracy of iron loss analysis and account for residual magnetic flux, hysteresis analysis has been performed using the play model. Multiple hysteresis curves that were measured are input in the play model, but complex tasks such as noise removal and sampling are still required. Furthermore, multiple hysteresis curves are necessary in order to take into account the minor loops having a small amplitude, and thus high dimensional accuracy is required. Complicated tasks such as these can be run automatically by using the hysteresis curve creator tool in JMAG. In addition, it is possible to capture the minor loops having a much smaller amplitude by reducing the space between the loops by interpolating the measured data. This makes it possible to improve the accuracy of analysis using the play model.
This document explains how to process measured hysteresis curves using the hysteresis curve creator tool.


Hysteresis, Play model, Symmetric loop, Processing, Interpolation

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