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  1. Magnetic Gears

    Hamid A. Toliyat, Texas A&M University

  2. Resistivity analysis of stacked planar Litz structure using Finite Element Method

    Tsuyoshi Nomura, TOYOTA Research Institute of North America

  3. Inductor loss-simulation using JMAG-Designer and comparison with measurement results


  4. Estimating the effects of partial flux linkages on the resistance of PMAC motor windings

    John Suriano, NIDEC Corp.

    • High Fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation with JMAG-RT and NI VeriStand

      Nick Keel, National Instruments

      • Flux Focusing Magnetic Gear Design Using JMAG

        Jonathan Bird, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

        • Designing Novel Brushless Doubly Fed Machines Using JMAG

          Andy Knight, University of Alberta

        • Effects of manufacturing process on IPM motor losses

          Hossein Dadkhah, Chrysler

          • Multiscale Noise and Vibration models for a Switched Reluctance-based drivetrain for EV and HEV

            Ramana Kappagantu, LMS Americas

          • Evaluation of Different Electrical Steels in IPM Hybrid Rotating Machines

            C.R. Frontczak,Tempel

          • Highlights of the latest developments of OPAL-RT solutions

            Sebastien Cense, OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.

            • JMAG Roadmap and Introduction to JMAG V12

              Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

              • Multi-Physics Applications and Opportunities Enabled Through JMAG and Abaqus Co-simulation

                Brad Heers, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA

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