2015 in China

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  1. Introduction of the latest version of JMAG

    Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

  2. Introduction of JMAG-Express

    Tetsuya Hattori, JSOL Corp.

  3. The thermal field simulation analysis of the JMAG platform for the FAW Technology Center

    Zeng jingling, China FAW Group Corporation R&D Center

  4. Optimization calculation of JMAG and its application in proportional solenoid valve

    Zhou Wangjing, Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Research Institute, FAW, China

  5. The application of JMAG in hybrid electric vehicle

    Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

  6. Stator of variable speed permanent magnet synchronous motor based on Designer JMAG Study on the calculation of optimal skew slot angle

    Xiong haifang, Tempel Changzhou

  7. JMAG in RT-Lab HIL Simulator

    Qiu huajing, ShangHai KeLiang Information Tech. & Eng. Co., Ltd.

  8. Induction Motor Sound and Co-simulation with JMAG and Virtual.lab

    Li xin, EMERSON Climate Technologies

  9. Optimization and Simulation of JMAG and modeFrontier

    Tetsuya Hattori, JSOL Corp.

  10. Introduction of the two development platform of JMAG

    Zhong xiulin, IDAJ-China Co.,LTD.

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