Prometech Software, Inc.

Prometech Software, Inc.

Particleworks is a CFD software based on an advanced numerical method known as the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method. The mesh-free nature of MPS allows for robust simulation of free-surface flows at high resolutions, saving the need to generate meshes for the fluid domain.

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Particleworks adapts a method of handling fluid as particles, so that it is possible to directly input CAD geometry and perform simulation without meshing process, which drastically reducing the time of pre-processing process. It realizes easy boundary condition setting and calculation of complicated free surface phenomena including large deformation of liquid, which was very difficult with conventional CFD software. In addition, Particleworks supports multi-thread (OpenMP), multi-process (MPI), SSE / AVX instructions of CPU and NVIDIA calculation GPU in order to fully draw out its computing power in the latest hardware environment.

Product Capabilities

By coupling JMAG and Particleworks fluid dynamics analysis capability, evaluation of oil covered parts and covering thickness of motor cooling oil can be easily done.


Used in a wide range of industries such as automotive, materials, chemistry, energy, machinery, electric machinery, disaster prevention, civil engineering, medical, food and consumer goods.

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Prometech is a start-up company originated in the University of Tokyo. The company contributes to the manufacturing industry through the application of state-of-art CAE simulation software and computer graphics technology. Prometech maintains intimate collaborative R&D relationship with the University of Tokyo and many other research organizations and focuses on applying the latest technology to the manufacturing field. It’s been more than 10 years since its establishment, Prometech continues to grow as a global software company by broadening the collaboration with partners in many countries all over the world.

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