[L-MU-92] JMAG/Particleworks Coupled Motor Cooling Analysis


Motor temperature control is an important issue. Due to temperature rise, demagnetization occurs in PM motor magnets leading to a loss of high efficiency. If it is possible to protect against temperature rise sufficiently with natural air cooling, it is unnecessary to provide complicated liquid cooling mechanisms, but if demagnetization due to temperature rise is still an issue, a liquid cooling system may need to be provided. When analyzing directly cooling a motor with oil, it is necessary to consider the flow of even the liquid surface, therefore sufficient computation accuracy cannot be obtained with a fluid analysis using mesh. For this, fluid analysis based on the particle method is required.
From JMAG and Particleworks coupling, cooling with oil can be evaluated. Particleworks is particle analysis fluid analysis software developed by Prometech Software, Inc. which showcases its influence in liquid flow analysis. JMAG computes the heat, and analyzes the heat transfer inside magnets and coils.

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