New JMAG Ver. 23.0 Out Now Upgrade Campaign!

JMAG commemorates 40 years since its initial release.
We hope everyone will try JMAG 23.0 in celebration of this milestone.

Key Points Enhanced Performance

Users can now analyze models and obtain results faster than ever before!

JMAG has consistently enhanced performance in every new version. Many users who have adopt JMAG for its speed and accuracy continue to use the same version for three or more years. These users are missing out on all the benefits offered by the latest versions.

Updates enable users to focus more time on design and development by not only ramping up the speed of analyses run in JMAG but also reducing the time required to render and save results. This webpage provides several resources highlighting the evolution in JMAG performance. This is your chance to try JMAG 23.0 and experience the speed and functionality first hand.

 Latest JMAG Update
Users can now analyze models and obtain results faster than ever before!

(PDF, 1.25MB:  User authentication)

Massive Case Results: Response Graph Display

Key Points JMAG-Express

JMAG-Express supports multi disciplinary evaluations not only during the initial stages of design but throughout the entire design process. The latest version brings new features that help optimize and refine design plans in addition to offering more intricate models than ever before to each stage of the design process. Even in component designs, these multi disciplinary evaluations respond to the need for designers to consider not only the machine but also its integration into the entire system.

JMAG-Express has become the launching pad to export machine characteristics to NVH and system-level simulations as well. These innovations demonstrate the massive leaps forward JMAG-Express 22.1 has taken. Please take this chance to try the latest version of JMAG-Express.

 JMAG-Express Highlights
(PDF, 2.63MB:  User authentication)


Key Points FR Licenses

The latest license framework enables users to take advantage of up to ten FR licenses with only one pre/post license.
Introduces everything users can do with an FR license!

FR Licenses
– Two-dimensional efficiency maps (reduced order models)
– Steady-state/transient thermal analyses (speed priority mode)
– Static structural analysis (speed priority mode)
– Steady-state magnetic field analysis (speed priority mode)
– JMAG-Express evaluations

*The speed priority mode is a solver that only supports two-dimensional analyses.
*JMAG-Express is a tool that can run the following scenarios:
Machine constants (IPM, SPM, and IM)
Thermal Design
Structural Design

 Latest JMAG Update: Have you heard about the FR license?
(PDF, 736KB:  User authentication)


Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.23.0 

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