Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.23.0

21 Dec 2023 / Last modified at 10 May 2024

In December 2023, JMAG-Designer Ver. 23.0 was released.

JMAG has been developed to automate design. To this end, Ver. 23.0 has further improved functionality so that it can be used in all phases of design, from the initial design phase to detailed design.

The processing efficiency of large-scale multi case calculations has been improved so that design exploration can be performed over a wider area in order to proceed without reducing the wide range of options in the early design phase. And, as the design phase progresses, the surrogate model can be used to increase calculation speed without compromising calculation accuracy during optimization for large scale models such as 3D models with higher levels of detail. In addition, we have added wound field synchronous motor to the JMAG-Express scenarios so that multifaceted evaluation items such as stress and temperature can be applied to more motor types. We have also improved the model handling of prepost in response to requests for more detailed models during the detailed design phase as virtual prototype. Processing times for loading project files, results files, and contour drawing have been significantly reduced. In addition, we have extended the functions of control coupling model output, electromagnetic force output for NVH evaluation, and efficiency maps so that the design can be consistent with the system at all stages of the design process.

This section introduces some of the enhancements and new features in Ver. 23.0.

  • Global design exploration and Optimization]
    Improved response reading and drawing speed for multi cases optimization calculations. 100,000 response values can be read in 5 seconds.
    Aiding surrogate model reduces the calculation time of optimization by omitting some of the FEA calculations. As a result, the calculation time can be reduced to 1/3 while maintaining the accuracy of the pareto curve in the optimization calculation of 20 generations of 3D axial gap motors.
  • Multi disciplinary evaluation
    Add scenarios for wound field synchronous motor (WFSM) to JMAG-Express. Efficiency maps, temperatures, and stresses of WFSM can be evaluated simultaneously.
  • Virtual prototype for large scale model
    Improves pre-post performance of large scale models. For models with tens to 200 million elements, project files load up to 3.5 times faster and contour plots display up to 1.7 times faster.
  • System consistency
    Control coupling models can be output from JMAG-Express, allowing design plans studied in JMAG-Express to be output as data for control and circuit simulations with a single click. You can evaluate the consistency with the control circuit while designing the magnetic circuit.

We hope you will take advantage of the new JMAG.

What is JMAG-Designer Ver.23.0 ?

1. Result evaluation for Multi Cases Response Graph Display

Reduced display time for multi cases response graphs.

Loading time of response values for all cases for optimization calculations
Loading time of response values for all cases for optimization calculations

Enhanced response value retrieval for large-scale optimization. Now displaying 100,000 case graphs in under 10 seconds, a dramatic improvement over previous processing times.

2. Optimization with Surrogate Model

Reduced computation time for multi-objective optimization of large models such as 3D model

Optimization of an axial gap motorOptimization of an axial gap motor

Using a surrogate model, the calculation time can be reduced by omitting some of FEA calculations. In a 20-generation optimization, FEA can be performed every 4 generations to maintain the accuracy of the pareto curve.

3. JMAG-Express Scenarios of Wound Field Synchronous Motor (WFSM)

JMAG-Express now enables simultaneous evaluation of machine characteristics, heat, and strength of wire-wound field motors.

Simultaneous evaluation of efficiency map, temperature, and stress for WFSMSimultaneous evaluation of efficiency map, temperature, and stress for WFSM

Temperature of the field coil and stress near the coil can be a problem for WFSM. While the efficiency map shows that the stress at maximum speed is 60 MPa, the temperature of the field coil exceeds 120 deg C at 100 Nm and 1,000 r/min, indicating that a review of the cooling design is necessary.

Click here for more information on JMAG-Express

4. Prepost Performance

Improved performance of models with tens to 200 million elements.

Relation between the number of elements and processing timeRelation between the number of elements and processing time

To improve the hadling of large models, we have improved the processing speed, especially in loading project files. The speed has been improved especially for models with more than 10 million elements.

5. JMAG-Express Control Coupling Model Output

A control direct coupling model can be easily generated by changing the magnetic circuit.

Control simulation using direct coupling modelControl simulation using direct coupling model

Design alternatives studied in JMAG-Express can be output as data (FEA models) for control and circuit simulations with a single click. The control design team can use the plant model of the design proposal in parallel with the magnetic design.

6. Vibration Analysis Using a Transfer Function

Co-evaluation of motor characteristics and system vibration.

Evaluation of vibration using a transfer functionEvaluation of vibration using a transfer function

Evaluate the vibration of a system including its gearbox and inverter at the same time as evaluating the machine’s efficiency maps. Vibration results can be quickly obtained by using a transfer function.

The new functions and Features

For details, please see the following function introduction. (PDF, 2.26MB:  User authentication)

Introducing to new functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.23.0 


These are created using the functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.23.0 and later. Please feel free to use them.

Shape Optimization



Post processing for massive cases calculation

Module Download

The latest version of JMAG modules are available.
In addition, version information, release notes, manuals, etc. can be used. ( User authentication)

Module Download 

Video for Introducing the New Functions

A video complete with voice audio has been prepared to offer our users a better understanding of the new functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.23.0.

Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.17.0 – Ver.23.1

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