Lorentz Force Analysis

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  1. 183 – Agitation Force Analysis of an Induction Furnace

    This analysis will evaluate the size of Lorentz force required to agitate and where this is generated.

  2. 149 – Analysis of Magnetic Force Acting on the Arc of a Vacuum Circuit Breaker

    OverviewVacuum circuit breakers have the function of breaking the current when a large current flows due to a short circuit or other reason in distribution boards, etc. When the v…

  3. 150 – Electromagnetic Repulsion Analysis of a Vacuum Circuit Breaker

    This Application Note presents how to obtain the electromagnetic repulsion in a circuit breaker from the Lorentz force when a 100 kA current is flowing.

  4. 140 – Analysis of Electromagnetic Repulsion Produced in Small Contact Bridges

    OverviewElectromagnetic repulsion is generated in the contact points of switches used in electrical equipment and current inflow points during resistance heating when contact term…

  5. 84 – Electromagnetic Forming Analysis of a Tube

    OverviewElectromagnetic forming is a process in which eddy currents are generated in a tube when a large, instantaneous current is run through a coil, creating a strong magnetic f…

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