Simulation of Electromagnetic Phenomena in the Superconductor

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Hiroyuki Ohsaki, The University of Tokyo


For research and development of superconducting equipment, numerical analysis o electromagnetic phenomena in the superconductors is just as important as experimental analysis. A superconductor is a strongly non-linear, electric and magnetic material. Therefore, numerical analysis of electromagnetic phenomena in such a material requires proper modeling of its electromagnetic characteristics and the use of a proper analysis method. Numerical analysis of superconductors and their applications ranges greatly in terms of scale, purposes, etc. This paper is concerned with numerical analysis of electromagnetic phenomena in bulk superconductors or superconducting wires and tapes. In the following, after a brief introduction of electromagnetic phenomena in the superconductors, fundamental equations and numerical analysis methods are described. Then, as a concrete example, numerical analysis of the pulse field magnetization of a bulk superconductor is shown.
Key words: Superconductor, electromagnetic phenomena, flux pinning, non-linear E-J characteristics, numerical analysis of coupled problems.

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