Numerical Analysis of AC Loss in High-Tc Superconducting Cables

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Shoichi Honjo, Tokyo Electric Power Company


Critical current density of high temperature superconducting materials is more than 1,000 times larger than the operating current density of conventional conducting materials. Superconducting materials also have unique I-V characteristics well represented by a power law, \(V \propto I^n \). Numerical approach represented by JMAG is an effective method for the study of its electro-magnetic characteristics having such non-linear properties. We use the modeling function of superconducting materials in JMAG for the analysis of the AC loss characteristics of superconducting cables. Several important points are summarized in this paper on the analysis of electro-magnetic characteristics of superconducting materials using JMAG with some analyzed results.
Keywords: superconductor, I-V characteristics, critical current density, conductivity, AC loss

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