Studies on Less Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Hybrid Excitation Motor with High Power Density

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Takashi Kosaka, Omohi College, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology


Feasibility studies on Hybrid Excitation Motor (HEM) as a candidate of less rare-earth permanent magnet and high power density machine for hybrid electric vehicle drive applications are reported. The basic working principle of the HEM is explained from a viewpoint of its variable field control mechanism. After making the design restrictions and the target specifications clear, the drive performances of a full-sized HEM designed as the motor with the maximum power of 123kW are predicted based on 3D-FEA using JMAG-Studio. Comparisons between the measured and the computed drive characteristics of the downsized test HEM demonstrates that the 3D-FEA based design and performance predictions have reasonable computation accuracy. As a result, it is
concluded that the predicted performance of the full-sized machine, its high power density with 3.35kW/kg at the maximum power operation under utilization of 517g rare-earth permanent magnet, is highly expected.

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