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  1. Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

    “Developing technology and selling technology”, based on this corporate philosophy, Tamagawa Seiki has grown with firm roots in the local community of its offices and production c…

  2. Best of Bosch – The Computational Concerto Orchestrating Finite Element Analysis, Network Methods, and Machine Learning

    Stefan KURZ, Robert Bosch GmbH

  3. Analysis and Optimization of Motors for Electric Vehicles

    ChiLu Lee, Vast Power Corporation

  4. Topology Optimization of SynRM using Gabor Filter


  5. The Faster Analysis of the Axial Gap Motor using JMAG


  6. Operating Characteristics of Adjustable-Field Permanent Magnet Motors with 3D Magnetic Paths and Asymmetric Magnet Arrangement

    Yutaro Hiyoshi, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

  7. Verification of Motor Component Losses using Large-Scale Analysis

    Daisuke Misu, Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation

  8. Application of the Heat Generation Analysis Function to Motor Optimization

    Kyohei Yanagisawa, ASTER CO.,LTD

  9. Development of a Detailed 3D Eccentric eMotor Model for Electric Vehicle NVH Simulations

    Jacob Krizan, Ford Motor Company

  10. Investigation of the Effect on Electromagnetic Excitation Force Considering Dynamic Eccentricity in Ultra-High Rotation Motor

    Takashi Maeda, ESTECH Corporation

  11. Comparing Numerical with Statistical Iron Core Loss Modelling Approaches for Application in Automotive Traction Electrical Machines

    Sigrid JACOBS / Jan RENS, ArcelorMittal

  12. Validated Efficiency Simulation of Electrical Machine Based on JMAG-Designer

    Li Chen, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co.,Ltd.

  13. Enabling Full EDU Optimization and Losses Analysis Under Different PWM Strategies and DC Voltages Employing Combined JMAG-MATLAB Simulation Environments

    Nicola Rossi, Rimac Technology

  14. Applied Cases of EV Motor Controller Tuning by MILS using JMAG-RT

    Nobuo Morimura, SUBARU CORPORATION

  15. Coupled Optimization of Active and Passive Components in Electric Machines: Towards Performance, Efficiency, Reliability and EMC Objectives

    Mohamed Essam Ahmed, AVL List GmbH

  16. Practical Robust Optimization Method using HPC

    Takuya Yoshioka, DENSO CORPORATION

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