DC Superposition Characteristic Measurement of Reactors and Comparison with the measured values

Kouhei Ueda
TABUCHI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Transformer Development Dept.


Among the parameters of Reactors, as to the inductance characteristics, stable Inductance over wide range of DC superposed current range. In oder to achieve this, the design of gap at the core is a very important factor to prevent core saturation.
In the initial stage of conventional design routine, the gap length or locations have been determined by the repetitive prototyping of the reactors and this method was obvisouly time consuming and very costly approach for agile engineering.
In order to reduce the prototyping and improve the accuracy of design, we at Tabuchi, have been using CAE software such as JMAG and we succeeded in the reduction of prototype numbers by the engineering simulation for optimum gap length and locations.
This time, the comparison of CAE result and actual measured results on DC superimposition of reactors has been done. It has been found that simulation did not not reflect the measured value at the early stage of project. The deviation was found due to the minor hysteresis loop on major hysteresis curve. Therefore, actual differential permeability and incremental permeability have been measured and the result was modeled to JMAG modules to get the close simulation result on JMAG analysis.

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