Development planning of JMAG

Takashi Yamada


I would like to talk about our challenges at JMAG. Our dream is to bring innovation to electrical machine design through the strength of simulation.
Due to high accuracy simulations in high speed as well as ease of operation, simulations are increasingly playing an active role in electrical machine design. We believe that this can bring new perspectives to the field.
For this purpose, we have continuously strived for enhancement of the parallel solver functions as well as higher processing speeds for everything from model creation to results evaluations. We have also contributed to the progress of material modeling and physical modeling for improved accuracy, and the development of a direct modeling function in order to expand the use of parametric analysis is underway. Lastly, JMAG now is taking greater steps towards Model Based Development (MBD). I want to report to all of you the challenges and direction of development of JMAG.

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