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  1. Speeding up Induction Heating Analysis by Utilizing the Cloud


  2. A Study of Improving Demagnetization Resistance Performance by JMAG Topology Optimization

    Shogo Shintani, Toshiba Corporation

  3. High Speed Measurement System for Improving Accuracy of Magnetic Properties of Material Database

    Shigeru Aihara, BRIGHTEC Co., Ltd

  4. Heat Balance of 90kW Class 50,000rpm SPM Motor for Rocket Engine Propellant Supply -Modeling by Linking JMAG-RT and AMESIM Software-

    Mitsuru Shimagaki, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

  5. Electromagnetic Materials Suited for Electrified Transport

    Sigrid JACOBS / Jan RENS, ArcelorMittal

  6. The Need for Large-Scale Calculations in Induction Heating


  7. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of AB Phases and Z Phase Magnetic Interference in a Magnetic Encoder

    Koji Kokue, Tamagawa-seiki Co.,Ltd.

  8. Design of Electric Machine for Electric Aircraft Using Power Simulation License

    Hiroshi Mitsuda, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  9. Improvement of Calculation Model on Induction Motors

    Daisuke Sato, Nagaoka Motor Development Co., Ltd.

  10. FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000 / FX700 and progress of JMAG porting on PRIMEHPC

    Hiroyuki Kanazawa, FUJITSU LIMITED

  11. Recent update of electric machine thermal management with CFD How to employ the oil cooling method (pros and cons)

    Sato Makoto, Siemes Computational Dyamics K.K

  12. Introduction of IDAJ’s Electromagnetic Analysis Service and Various Examples by JMAG

    Tomohiro Masaki, IDAJ Co., LTD.

    • Motor Control Development Tools Work with JMAG

      YAMAGISHI Kan, Myway Plus Corporation

    • Case Study of Developing an IPM Motor Drive System with Model-Based Development (MBD) – Using JMAG-RT and HILS –

      Daisuke Mitsuoka, Shimadzu Corporation

    • Agile Electrical Machine Development for Hybrid Electric Aircraft

      Zoltán Nádudvari, Rolls-Royce Electric Hungary Kft

    • Application of Deep Learning to Optimal Design

      Hajime Igarashi, Hokkaido University

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