The 11th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS2008)

Organizer ICEMS 2008
Dates October 17-20 , 2008
Venue Shangri-La Hotel (Wuhan,China)

ICEMS (International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems) is the annual international conference on electric devices and systems held in Asia. The 2008 ICEMS conference took place in Wuhan, China, from October 17 through 20.

1046 papers were submitted and nearly 1000 engineers attended during the four-day conference which featured keynote sessions, panel presentations, and poster sessions. 80 percent of the participants were students or young engineers, filling the site with a vibrant, youthful atmosphere throughout the event.

Among all the submitted papers, power electronics was the most popular theme, followed by PM and reluctance motors, and then theory and simulations.

In his keynote address, Robert D. Lorenz, Ph.D. of University of Wisconsin reported on self-sensing. The panel presentations discussed hybrid car motors and systems.

What is distinctive about ICEMS is that it includes the sessions on measurement techniques.

We gave three presentations about the issues of IPM motor iron loss evaluation, stepper motor characteristics evaluation, and the thermal evaluation of a switching transformer based on the papers shown below.

Giving these presentations to the fields where the electromagnetic analysis technology is not common allowed us to recognize the simulation technology as a measurement technique.

The papers we submitted:

Iron Loss Calculation of PM Motor by Coupling Analysis between Magnetic Field Simulator and Control Simulator
Katsuyuki Narita , Takashi Yamada, Yoshiyuki Sakashita, Kan Akatsu

Effective Electromagnetic Field Analysis Using Finite Element Method for High Frequency Transformers with Litz-Wire
Yusaku Suzuki, Ikuo Hasegawa, Shigekazu Sakabe, Takashi Yamada

Analysis of Permanent Magnet Type Stepping Motor with Claw Poles Using Electromagnetic Field Analysis
Tetsuya Hattori, Yasushi Suzuki , Takashi Yamada