The classification or “family tree” of electric machines today


At this time of great disruption, many engineers will take time to reflect on their work and studies. As it has happened in the past, improved understanding and new methods have emerged from periods of difficulty, and this will surely happen again. This engineering webinar series sponsored by JMAG and Powersys is intended as a contribution to this process. Prof. Miller begins by reviewing the entire family of electric machines, uncovering the theoretical and manufacturing reasons why machines are built and used as they are today. He draws particular attention to the unity of the family of AC drives, which includes the asynchronous induction motor and the brushless PM motor as well as the AC synchronous machines. The profound influence of electronic control is made clear, not only in relation to its history but also for the present and the future. Equally the impact of modern permanent-magnet materials is shown in detail, and the question of scarcity is discussed. DC machines, universal motors, and the important classes of reluctance machines are shown to be full members of today’s family of electric machines with important roles. We hope the webinar will appeal to a wide audience. For anyone new to the industry, it can be used as an introduction. Students may find it helpful in sorting out the confusing array of different machine types. Specialists (including the expert users of sophisticated software tools) may like to take a break and enjoy a wider view. And experienced designers and users may compare their own reflections on the electric machine industry through this unifying review.

*The webinar will be a seminar related to column “An engineer’s diary” by Prof. Miller.
Please read the column in advance.


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[Vol.010] Preliminary Design of a3-phase Induction Motor (Part 3 : Rotor)





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