Coil Winding Berlin


Host i2i Events Group
Date Tuesday, June 24 -Thursday, June 26, 2014
Venue Messe Berlin (Berlin, Germany) Booth number: 1.1 / C11
Coil Winding, known to be one of the world’s largest exhibitions gather products related to coil such as winding machines, motor stators and insulating paper.
The JMAG booth will have demonstrations focusing on analysis cases of motors and transformers, as well as JMAG-Designer Ver.13.1 set for release in June. There will also be a booth presentation that has received high acclaim over the years.

Event Report

The Coil Winding exhibition presented products relating to winding machines, motor stators and insulating paper.
There are many large transformer and wind generated power exhibits.
Solutions for motor designers and solutions for large-scale transformers, particularly using JMAG-Express, were introduced in presentations at the JMAG booth.
This year, a 4-meter tall JMAG display was set up, introducing cases for transformers and using JMAG-VTB. We noticed that the overwhelming size of the display drew eyes from all around.
We were impressed that this year for the first time, more people came to see the transformer maker than the induction motors.