NAFEMS Deutschsprachige Konferenz 2014


Date Tuesday, May 20 – Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Venue Kongresshotel Bamberg (Bamberg, Germany)

We will host an exhibition at a conference hosted by CAE Community international corporation, NAFEM.
At our JMAG booth, we will introduce examples using the small multiphysics function that has become easier to use with JMAG-Designer Ver.13. Even for magnetic field analysis users, multifaceted approaches can be taken using the feature that allows analysis accounting for both centrifugal force and the effect of heat in their analyses. Please check out the booth for case examples.

Event Report

A booth was open at the conference hosted by NAFEMS Ltd. Titled “Best Practices”, new technologies, tools, and platforms were presented.
On the first day, JMAG users, Mr. Mohammadali, Mr. Pascal Bayrasy, and Mr. Klaus WofSalari of Fraunhofer-Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI held a lecture by the name of “Gekoppelte Simulation für die thermische Absicherung von elektrischen Komponenten” and introduced thermal coupling simulation using JMAG and MpCCI.