JMAG Users Conference in Germany


The Europe JMAG User’s conference will be held.
The event will take place over two days: The first day will be a technical day, and the second day will have user presentations.
Workshops focusing on iron loss and efficiency maps functions as well as workshops covering the electric automobile industry will be held. They are an excellent chance to collect information on the ways that electromagnetic field analysis is being used and other topics. Please attend if you are able.


Organizer POWERSYS
Dates September 23rd, 2014 08:30-17:30
September 24th, 2014 08:30-16:30
Venue Steigenberger Airport Hotel
Frankfurt am Main, 60549 Germany
TEL:49 69 6975-0  


September 23rd, 2014 JMAG Technical Day

09:00 Opening remarks and schedule announcement
3 sessions in parallel
#1 -Basic Training:
For beginners: discover the JMAG-Designer GUI; build, run and evaluate results of first models:
ased on following topics:
Iron loss, script and multi-domain studies are also reviewed.

#2 – Motor Design Training:
Lear more about the JMAG solutions for Motor Design by going through JMAG-Express Quickmode,
Powermode until JMAG Designer. Express is the pre-design tool of JMAG for motor desig;
its Powermode includes a very easy-to-use GUI and the powerfull FEM solver of JMAG-Designer.

#3 – One-to-One meetings

12:00 Buffet Lunch
13:30 Round-Table
Interactive Show-Case: Learn more about:

#1 – Iron Loss Calculation
#2 – Efficiency calculation
#3 – HEV / EV
#4 – Induction heating

Advanced Demo:
#5 – JMAG: a coupling solution with CD-Adapco
#6 – JMAG: a coupling solution with Abaqus
#7 – JMAG: a coupling solution with Amesim

16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 JMAG V13.1:
New features training and demos.

September 24th, 2014 JMAG Users Conference

08:30 Welcome coffee and registration
09:00 Opening remarks
09:15 JMAG: Recent developments and roadmap
10:15 Design of a large tidal generator
Liam Naugher, PhD Student,
Newcastele University
10:45 Comparison between 5 and 6 Phases Claw Pole Alternator,

Bassel Aslan and
Radu Fratila
– Simulation Engineers – Electric Machines Design Department,
10:50 Coffee break
11:15 JMAG-RT as a Tool in the Development of EV/HV Powertrain Components
Markus Ozbek, Technical Manager Pre-Development EV/HV Powertrains,
11:45 Use of JMAG in automotive applications
Bernd Cebulski, Team Manager Advanced Engineering Powertrain,
12:15 Buffet Lunch and demos
14:15 Comparison of axial-flux and radial-flux-machines for use in wheel-hub-drives
Marcel Lehr – M.Sc., Kersten Reis ? Dipl.-Ing., Andreas Binder – Prof. Dr.-Ing., Institut fur Elektrische Energiewandlung,
Technische Universitat Darmstadt
14:45 End of the users conference

* Please note the conference details are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
Visit the POWERSYS homepage for the latest information.  

Event Report

IDAJ, JMAG’s technical partner, hosted a users conference in Shanghai, and a session for JMAG users took place in one of the two days.
There were more than 40 participants, and is successful every year.
Analysis case studies of motors and injectors were introduced from popular automobile maker, FAW. Also, there were presentations of research results from universities such as Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
During the session, there was a commendation ceremony of the JMAG contest held last year, as well as an introduction of usability and analysis cases using JMAG.
Compared to last year, there seemed to be an increase in active discussions between participants. For those who were not able to participate this time, we hope to see you in the coming year.