IESF2014 Japan


Host Mentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd.
Japan: Aichi / Nagoya Japan: Tokyo / Chiyoda
Date Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 Midland Hall Friday, December 5th, 2014 Station Conference Tokyo

Event Report

IESF2014 Japan is a conference related to system simulation that targets automobiles hosted by Mentor Graphics Japan.
With “connected engineering” as the keyword this year, total solutions in expansive fields ranging from the evaluation of ECU and electric architecture of automobiles to development of car-equipped applications, thermal / electromagnetic analysis were suggested.
JSOL introduced a presentation by the title, “Introduction of High-Precision Motor Model JMAG-RT that Drives Model-Based Design.”
We also introduced high-precision simulation of MILS/SILS/HILS using high-precision motor models with JMAG-RT. In response to the suggestions of high-precision control simulation through JMAG, many control designers who have yet to use JMAG seemed to show high interest.

Product Partner

Mentor Graphics