Host Japan Management Association
Date Wednesday, July 23 – Friday, July 25, 2014
Venue Tokyo Bigsite (Japan: Tokyo / Etou-ku) Booth number: 3C-201
TECHNO-FRONTIER is the largest specialist trade show in Asia where development designers and production engineers gather from a wide variety of fields, including motor technologies, EMC and noise reduction. JMAG’s booth will include presentations for various analysis targets and business uses. There will be demonstrations of new products including JMAG-Express and JMAG-Designer Ver.13.1 set for release in June.

Event Report

TECHNO-FRONTIER, hosted by Tokyo Big Sight, attracted over 30,000 visitors, despite the midsummer heat.
At the JMAG booth, we demonstrated the newly released JMAG-Designer Ver.13.1, JMAG-Express, our motor design tool, and JSOL’s leading motor simulation technologies.
JMAG’s unique high-speed technologies and modeling technologies were showcased at our booth, attracting a lot of attention. Many people gathered to watch our live demonstration, showing how JMAG can be understood in just 5 minutes. Being able to perform calculations on motor properties in just 5 minutes was fascinating.
Furthermore, one of the walls of the both was used as a display to show case examples of analyses performed in JMAG. We were so pleased to see engineers hunkered down and really getting into the case examples.
We plan to bring you an even more powerful JMAG next year, so we hope to see you at our booth!