2015 IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference


Host The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Date Wednesday, September 2 – Friday, September 4, 2015
Venue Oita University (Oita, Japan)
URL http://www.gakkai-web.net/gakkai/jiasc/hp15/index.html (Japanese only)

We will participate in the IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference business exhibition. Beginning with an introduction of JMAG-Designer Ver.14.1, there will be a demonstration as well as advice for increasing efficiency of your work such as optimization. Please drop by at the JMAG booth when participating in the conference.

Event Report

JMAG booth was exhibited at the Japan Industry Applications Society Conference hosted by IEE. Because this was an event held by academic society, many university students and professors joined the conference, as well as those performing research in corporations.
This year, we had many opportunities to be asked about the merits of implementing JMAG from those working with universities heard that JMAG are chosen by other universities. We introduced some examples where JMAG has been utilized in wide applications for designing electric devices.
Surprisingly, there were JMAG users among the presenters and JMAG was a topic of discussion in the academic conference. Through attending this event, I felt the need to constantly improve our software to meet the demands of our dedicated users.