Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF)


Host Mentor Graphics
Date Monday May 19, 2015
Venue Ford Motor Company (Detroit, USA)

Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum is an exhibition of integrated design environments for electrical-machine design for automobile makers hosted by Mentor Graphics Corporation.
We will be presenting a link case study of JMAG-RT and SystemVision that will generate high-speed high-precision plant models for system level simulation from FEM models.
Also, the JMAG booth will be holding a demonstration of JMAG-RT that now supports VHDL-AMS that is an IEEE standard, as also introduced during the presentation.
Please come to the booth to see the latest applied cases.

Event Report

The Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum hosted by Mentor Graphics was held. Around 1000 users attended the forum. Hosted at a Ford Motor facility, we were impressed to see many users attended who were involved in the automobile industry, especially those involved with Ford.
We gave a presentation introducing JMAG-RT. We received more questions regarding HV motors than JMAG-RT from the audience members.
JMAG and SystemVision coupling was introduced at the JMAG booth, drawing in many forum attendees to see.

Company Introduction

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