Electromagnetic field analysis application technologies for motor design


Host Kodo Polytech Center
Date Thursday, September 17 – Friday, September 18, 2015
Venue Kodo Polytech Center (Chiba, Japan)
URL http://www.apc.jeed.or.jp/seminar/course/15semiP024.html (Japanese only)

Mr. Nishio from JSOL will present on electromagnetic field analysis application technologies using JMAG. Participants will have hands-on experience learning methods to create a plant model extremely similar to the physical machine using the fundamentals of electromagnetic field analysis simulation, useful for control design.
We hope those that are aiming to sharpen your skills will attend.

Event Report

As part of the skill development seminar hosted by the Kodo Polytech Center, we gave a seminar titled “Electromagnetic Field Application Technologies for Motor Design” which introduced methods to learn countermeasures for loss, heat, and vibration from electric and magnetic motor characteristics evaluation through demonstration using electromagnetic field analysis software. We demonstrated methods to create a plant model extremely similar to a physical machine, which is useful for designing controls, in order to bring out the best performance in a motor.
We received feedback from the participants telling us their understanding of analyses was deepened. Because many participants voiced their desire to join next time as well, we hope we can convey the advantages of JMAG in the future seminars including topics on how JMAG can solve issues that arise from design.