STAR Global Conference 2015


Host CD-adapco
Date Monday March 16, 2015 – Wednesday March 18, 2015
Venue Paradise Point Hotel (San Diego, USA)

We will hold an exhibition at the Global Conference hosted by CD-adapco.
The JMAG booth will introduce the linking function between electromagnetic field and thermal fluid of STAR-CCM+ and JMAG.
By combining magnetic field analysis with thermal analysis, not only will it allow product evaluation through magnetic field analysis, it will allow evaluations from various angles.
Please come to the booth to see the latest applied cases.

Event Report

Every year, a global is conference is hosted by our technical partner CD-adapco with its location alternating between Europe and the United States; this year it was held in the latter.
Over 300 attendees came to this year’s 35th annual conference, engaging in lively discussions during user presentations and at the exhibition hall.
For our first time participating at this conference; we conveyed the strengths of STAR-CCM+ and JMAG’s coupled electromagnetic field and thermal fluid analysis during our presentations and at our booth.
Not only did the keyword “electromagnetic field analysis” draw conference attendees to our booth, many others stopped by to take a look at our case study animations for inductance motors and transformers as well.

Company Introduction

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