STAR Japanese Conference 2015

Conference Outline

Host CD-adapco
Date Tuesday June 2, 2015 – Wednesday June 3, 2015
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STAR Japanese Conference is a conference for Japanese companies hosted by CD-adapco Corporation.
The JMAG booth will introduce coupled thermal fluid and electromagnetic field analysis between STAR-CCM+ and JMAG.
Combining magnetic field analysis and thermal analysis will expand product evaluation from only magnetic field analysis to product evaluation through multiple perspectives.
Please come to the booth to see the latest applied cases.

Event Report

The STAR Japanese Conference was held over two days with approximately 700 users in attendance.
Sessions were held covering a wide variety of topics from engines, energy and architecture to electricity, electronics and chemistry, serving as a forum for lively discussions.
This was the first event since JMAG and STAR-CCM+ coupling was officially announced, and we are even more determined to ensure this partnership meets the expectations of those eagerly awaiting it.
During the “Electromagnetic Field Analysis Software JMAG and STAR-CCM+ Coupled Analysis” we discussed how this partnership is not just software coupling, but also a support system backed by engineers from both companies.

Company Introduction

Product Partners
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