Host IEEJ Industry Applications Society
Date Sunday, November 13 – Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Venue APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall (Chiba, Japan)

We will hold an exhibition at the 19th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS 2016), to be held in Chiba, Japan.
Beginning with an introduction of JMAG-Designer 15.1, we will hold demonstrations and take questions to solve various issues.
Please drop by at the JMAG booth when participating in the conference.

Three engineers will also hold poster exhibitions or oral presentations. Please stop by if you have the chance.

Kazuyuki Narita will exhibit a poster titled “Validation of iron loss calculation by post-processing method” (Program No.DS5G-2-9) in the presentation room from 3:30pm on Tuesday, November 15.
In this presentation, verification of the post-conditioning method for iron loss will be discussed. We verified what sort of settings, such as input conditions and gap amount in the magnetic field circuit, can be applied to the iron loss calculation of the post-conditioning method. The results will be displayed in the poster.

Masahiko Miwa will exhibit a poster titled “Study of an Iterative Method using the Schur Complement for Strongly Coupled Electromagnetic and Circuit Analysis” (Program No.DS5G-2-6) in the presentation room from 3:30pm on Tuesday, November 15.
When solving a strongly coupled equation between a magnetic field and a circuit using the ICCG method, the convergence is sometimes worse compared to solving with only an electromagnetic field equation. One possible reason for this is the quality of coefficient matrix deteriorates due to the IC decomposition preconditioning of the entire coupled equation. We then tried an iterative solution where the pre-conditioning equation contracts using the triangular matrix obtained when only the coefficient matrix of the electromagnetic field equation is IC-decomposed. The effect was evaluated through numerical experiments using practical analysis models. The results will be displayed in the poster.

Hirokatsu Katagiri will exhibit a poster titled “Fast Calculation Using Zooming Analysis of AC Copper Loss for High Speed Electric Machines” (Program No.LS6D1) in the presentation room from 10:00am on Wednesday, November 16.
We ran a loss analysis for the Litz wires in an IMP motor using the zooming method. The obtained results for speed and accuracy will be displayed in the poster.

Event Report

We held presentations (one oral presentation and two posters) and an exhibition at ICEMS 2016 sponsored by the IEEJ Industry Applications Society. ICEMS (International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems) which is jointly hosted by the Institutes of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Korea and China is held every year in each country by rotation.
This time, many of the oral presentations for the magnetic field analysis session were related to copper loss and AC resistance, and the importance of the theme of wire loss calculation was reaffirmed. Much research on the control of electrical machines was reported in the poster sessions. We are convinced that there will be a growing need for coupled analysis of the control simulator and JMAG.
At the exhibition booth, we introduced JMAG-Designer Ver.15.1 and the motor design textbook “モータ設計初心者のための永久磁石同期モータ設計入門” (Japanese Only). Perhaps as ICEMS is a conference on machines and control systems, many people were interested in JMAG-RT, a high-fidelity motor model that can be used for control. Also, regarding the wire template function of JMAG-Designer Ver. 15.1 related to machine design, there were many who expressed with astonished voices, “Wow, I didn’t realize that the capabilities of CAE have come so far!”