2016 IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference


Date Tuesday, August 30 – Thursday, September 1, 2016
Venue Gunma University Aramaki Campus (Gunma, Japan)
URL http://www.gakkai-web.net/gakkai/jiasc/hp16/index.html (Japanese Only)

We will participate in the IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference business exhibition. Beginning with an introduction of JMAG-Designer Ver.15.1, there will be a demonstration as well as advice for increasing efficiency of your work such as optimization. Please drop by at the JMAG booth when participating in the conference.

Event Report

A JMAG booth was exhibited at the IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference business exhibition. Because the event was academia related, many university students and professors joined the conference as well as those performing enterprise research.
We received great interest in a publication released this year for the Japanese market regarding an introduction to permanent magnet synchronous motor design, and we received a variety of questions from those considering conducting electromagnetic field analysis and magnetic circuit design.
Also, it was impressive that there were many enterprise booths related to the high parallel solver’s high-speed calculation and high-precision iron loss estimates which are included in JMAG. We will continue to promote the development of functions helpful for business so that everyone can use our software.