IESF 2016 (Integrated Electrical Solution Forum 2016) Japan


Host Mentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Nagoya
Date Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 Thursday, December 1st, 2016
Venue Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa (Japan: Shinagawa, Tokyo) Midland Hall (Japan: Nagoya, Aichi)
Exhibition contents Simulation software for electromechanical design and development “JMAG”
URL (Japanese only)

We will host an exhibition and presentation at IESF 2016 Japan like last year.
The JMAG booth will be demonstrating high-accuracy simulation of MILS/SILS/HILS using a highly-accurate motor model from JMAG-RT.
Please check out the usability of JMAG-RT.

Event Report

IESF is a conference targeted towards system simulations for automobiles, hosted by Mentor Graphics Japan.
This year’s conference also had guest speakers from the automobile industry, and they proposed a total solution covering a wide range of fields from evaluation of automobile ECUs and electric architecture to on-board application development, as well as thermal/electromagnetic analyses.
We gave a presentation in Japanese only titled “高信頼性モデルベースデザインのための高精度モータモデルJMAG-RTの最新動向” and discussed JMAG-RT, the high fidelity plant model for SystemVision (Mentor Graphics) which is now being developed.
This is our third year giving a presentation at IESF. Every year our audience continues to grow, and we felt that the importance of our high fidelity motor models was recognized.

Product Partner

Mentor Graphics