JMAG Users Conference in China

We are pleased to announce the seventh JMAG Users Conference in China.
The conference will be held over two days; the first day will be advanced seminar, and user presentations will shown on the second day.
Case study presentations by users and case study presentations of how to solve future technical issues are expected at the event.
This will be an excellent opportunity to collect information on technical trends and application cases of electromagnetic field analysis. We look forward to seeing you there!


Organizer IDAJ-China Co.,LTD.
Dates November 14, 2017 (P.M.): Advanced Seminar
November 15, 2017 (All Day): User Presentations
Venue Grand Soluxe Zhongyou Hotel Shanghai (Shanghai, China)
URL (Chinese Only)

* Please note the conference details are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Event Report

A Users Conference was recently held in Shanghai, China.
The conference was two days long, with the first day being a technical day, followed by user presentations on the second.

This was the seventh Users Conference to be held in China, and the number of those attending continues to rise considerably.
This year there were approximately 80 attendants.
Each attendant listened with enthusiasm to user presentations, asked questions, and were seen to actively utilize the Users Conference to solve their own problems.

Main presentation content focused on motors, but themes of analysis were diverse.
It is understood that JMAG is the focus in working with analyses from a wide range of fields, including the analysis of basic motor characteristics, loss, as well as coupled analysis with heat that accounts for thermal fluid phenomena, and vibration analysis.
User interest already lies in the 3D analysis of motor charactertistics, and loss analysis that accounts for the effect of residual strain, etc. The level of analysis required is also on the rise.
The fact that analyses such as these have been achieved in such a short period of time certainly informs us of the height of user levels.
The need for JMAG to further evolve was certainly felt at the point where China began the shift to EV / HV.

Cutting-edge analysis case studies will be provided at the Users Conference in Japan.
Please come and witness that evolution for yourself.


JMAG Distributors
IDAJ-China Co., LTD.