2017 IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference

Conference Outline

Host: IEEJ
Date: Tuesday, August 29 – Thursday, August 31, 2017
Venue: Hakodate arena (Hokkaido, Japan)
URL: http://www.gakkai-web.net/gakkai/jiasc/hp17/index.html icon-external-link  (Japanese only)

We will participate in the IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference business exhibition.
At the JMAG booth, there will be an introduction of a new version of JMAG-Designer as well as a demonstration and consultation for increasing efficiency of work such as the optimization function.
Please drop by at the JMAG booth when participating in the conference.

Event Report

We participated in the Japan Industry Applications Society Conference business exhibition. This year we had a booth setup in the same area as a motor show and rest areas, so more than in a normal year, many industry professionals and university professors and students attended.
On the second and third days JMAG participated in a lunchtime 4-minute short presentation.
In this presentation new functions for the JMAG released in June were introduced. Perhaps because of this a lot of questions were asked about these new functions at the booth.
We will continue to promote the development of functions helpful for business so that everyone can use our software.