The 22th computational engineering conference


Host: The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science
Date: Wednesday, May 31 – Friday, June 2, 2017
Venue: Omiya Sonic City (Saitama, Japan)

We will host an exhibition and hold a presentation at the International Conference on Computational Engineering and Science.
Please stop by the presentation hall and our booth if you would like to attend.

Presentation Schedule

Thursday, June 1st, D-08-3, begins at 13:15, Hall D (7th floor, room 703)
Kazuki Senba, “Reedbushスーパーコンピュータシステムにおける 電磁界有限要素解析高並列ソルバの性能評価” (Japanese Only)

Friday, June 2nd, C-12-5, begins at 13:15, Hall C (7th floor, room 702)
Masahiko Miwa, “GPUによる電磁界と回路の連成解析の高速化に関する検討” (Japanese Only)

Friday, June 2nd, Lunch Seminar, begins at 12:00, Hall B (4th floor, hall 402)
Kazuki Senba, “電機機器設計のためのシミュレーションソフトウェアJMAGのご紹介と高速計算への取り組み” (Japanese Only)