MATLAB EXPO 2017 Japan


Host: MathWorks Japan
Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Venue: GRAND NIKKO TOKYO DAIBA B1F (Daiba, Tokyo, Japan)
URL:   (Japanese Only)

We will hold a booth again at this year’s MATLAB EXPO.
At the JMAG booth, you can have hands-on experience with JMAG-RT and see firsthand its ability to integrate with MATLAB/Simulink.
Please visit our booth to see for yourself the value of running a coupled analysis.

Event Report

We exhibited at the MATLAB EXPO2017 hosted by MathWorks where JMAG-RT was introduced at the JMAG booth for the purpose of model-based development.
While JMAG was known to some, control design specialists who were not familiar with JMAG made visits to our booth which provided a good opportunity to introduce the value of JMAG-RT and JMAG-RT’s coupling solutions.
There is a demand among control design specialists for an increased accuracy in motor models, and this was additionally a good opportunity to realize that these needs in model-based development and high-accuracy motor models are increasing.

Company Introduction

Product Partner
The MathWorks, Inc.