JMAG Users Conference 2021 in Taiwan

This is to announce that the Taiwan JMAG distributor WisEnergy will be holding the JMAG Users Conference 2021 in Online.
We look forward to your participation.


Organizer WisEnergy Inc.
Dates September 29th, 2021
Venue Online


Time Content
09:30~09:40 10:30~10:40 Welcome
09:40~10:20 10:40~11:20 Keynote Speech: JMAG Road Map
Dr. Takashi Yamada
JSOL Corporation
10:20~10:30 11:20~11:30 Break
10:30~11:10 11:30~12:10 Keynote Speech: JMAG New Function
Ethan Yee
11:15~11:55 12:15~12:55 Verifying motor control algorithm in Simulink by leveraging the JMAG results
Jerry Tung
11:55~13:00 12:55~14:00 Lunch
13:00~13:40 14:00~14:40 The Research of Top Grade & Thin Gauge Electrical Steel for EV Traction Motor Application
Dr. Guan-Ming Chen
China Steel Corporation
13:45~14:25 14:45~15:25 Design of a Pseudo Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Machine Applications
Ph.D. Ming-Hsiao Tsai
RD, Electric Motor Technology Research Center
14:30~15:10 15:30~16:10 The development trend of the next generation of high-efficiency motors
Mr. Hsu Yu-Wei , Senior Reseacher,
Research & Development Center, Nidec Taiwan Corporation
15:10~15:25 16:10~16:25 Break
15:25~16:05 16:25~17:05 Real-time condition mornitoring of traction motor
Prof. Shih-Chin Yang
Department of Mechnical Enginnering, National Taiwan University
16:10~16:50 17:10~17:50 Using SmartDO and JMAG for Push-Button Design Optimization of Electric motors
Ph.D. Shen-Yeh Chen
16:50~17:00 17:50~18:00 Wrap up

Company Introduction

JMAG Distributors
WisEnergy Inc.