On-Demand Webinar: Simulating Torque Ripple for Motor Control System Design

Join our webinar to explore torque ripple’s significance in motor drive systems. Gain insights into its impact and discover how high-fidelity motor models using JMAG’s Finite Element Analysis data can enhance understanding. Learn the workflow for integrating FEA data into Simscape Electrical to model spatial harmonics and address high-frequency loss accurately.

Shang-Chuan Lee, Ph.D., Sr. Application Engineer, MathWorks
Ryoko Imamura, Ph.D., Sr. Motor Design and Software Development Engineer, Powersys

Offered Free by: MathWorks


Organizer IEEE
Date From October 18, 2023
Venue On-Demand Webinar
URL https://engineeringresources.spectrum.ieee.org/free/w_math17/ 


Product Partners
The MathWorks, Inc.