JMAG Users Conference 2024 in India

This is to announce that the India JMAG distributor PWSIM(POWERSYS) will be holding the JMAG Users Conference in India.
This event is a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and experts at the forefront of electric motor innovation.
We look forward to your participation.


Organizer Powersys
Dates Advanced e-Motor Design Conference
 Jul. 31st from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
 Aug. 1st from 8:30 am to 5:05 pm
Location Hyatt Centric Mg Road Bangalore  (Bangalore, India)


DAY1 July 31, 2024 / DAY2 August 1, 2024

DAY1 July 31, 2024 (8:30 am – 6:00 pm)

8:30 am 12:00 pm Gathering
9:00 am 12:30 pm Welcome note and Introduction
9:30 am 1:00 pm Unlocking EM Machine Learning Potential with JMAG, Dr Takashi Yamada, JMAG BUSINESS COMPANY
10:30 am 2:00 pm Promise of SRM’s and electronics, Mr. Srinivas, ADITYA AVARTAN
11:10 am 2:40 pm Tea Break
11:25 am 2:55 pm Emerging Trends in e-Motors and Applications, Mr. Sunil Naik, CEO
12:05 pm 3:35 pm Mr. Krishna Murthy, 6AM SOLUTIONS
12:45 am 4:15 pm JMAG Automation for performance analysis of four-wheeler traction motor with Matlab GUI, Mr. Biraja Prasad, BOSCH
1:25 pm 4:55 pm Lunch Break
2:25 pm 5:55 pm SRM for EV, Mr. Vijay Babu, MIT MANIPAL
3:05 pm 6:35 pm Design Optimization of PMSM Motors, Mr. Bharathi, LUCAS TVS
3:45 pm 7:15 pm Tea break
4:00 pm 7:30 pm Design Optimization of PMSM Motors, Mr. Suresh Nagesh
4:40 pm 8:10 pm Electric machine design analysis and optimization, Ms. Vinothini Gurudevan, VALEO
5:20 pm 8:50 pm Cocktail party and Dinner

DAY2 August 1, 2024 (8:30 am – 5:05 pm)

8:30 am 12:00 pm Gathering
9:30 am 1:00 pm Mr. Hiroyuki Sano, JMAG BUSINESS COMPANY
10:15 am 1:45 pm CAE-led design with JMAG & Romax, Mr. Amol Korde, HEXAGON
10:55 am 2:25 pm Tea Break
11:10 am 2:40 pm Comparison of Electric Vehicle Drives wiht Standard IC Engine Drives, Mr. D.B. Kulkarni
11:50 am 3:20 pm Study and Analysis of Various EV Chargers, Mr. BV Perumal, NIT SURATHKAL
12:30 pm 4:00 pm PROSIM
1:10 pm 4:40 pm Lunch Break
2:10 pm 5:40 pm Claculation of Voltage Stress in Hairpin Winding, Mr. Sairam, IIT DHARWAD
2:50 pm 6:20 pm [TBA]
3:30 pm 7:00 pm Tea Break
3:45 pm 7:15 pm [TBA]
4:25 pm 7:55 pm Conclusion