the Asian Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 2024 (ACSMO2024)

JSOL will Presentation at ACSMO2024, an international conference on structural and multidisciplinary optimal design, focusing on Asia.
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Monday,May 20,2024 17:20-17:40
1D2-5 [D20317]
“Mixed-variable IPM Motor Design Optimization Using an RBF Surrogate Model”
When we consider the large design space of IPM motors, discrete integer design variables appear such as the number of slots and coil pitch in addition to the continuous design variables such as dimensions.
To solve the mixed-variable multi-objective optimization problems in designing IPM motors, we proposed a combination of surrogate optimization and an ADMM-based approach.
We confirmed that the proposed method tends to obtain better objective function values with fewer sampling points thanks to accurate mixed-variable solutions compared to the simple rounding-off method.
*Tatsuya Asanuma, Yoshihiro Kanno (Japan)


Date May 19-23, 2024
Venue Zhengzhou, China


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