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  1. [JFT125] Inheriting Operating Points Between Modes in Efficiency Map Studies

    This document describes the method for using operating point information obtained with speed priority mode in accuracy priority mode.

  2. [JFT127] Changing Settings for Parallel Computing When Executing Calculations

    This document describes the procedure for changing settings for parallel computing when executing calculations.

  3. [JFT123] Accounting for Residual Strain

    This document explains the procedure for executing magnetic field analysis and iron loss analysis that account for residual strain.

  4. [JFT024] Remote Execution of Analysis Using SSH

    This document shows how to set SSH on a local machine, how to execute on the local machine and how to import results from a remote machine to the local machine.

  5. [JFT115] Recalculating Electromagnetic Force and Torque Waveforms

    This document describes the method for calculating electromagnetic force as the post-processing of magnetic field analysis.

  6. [JFT098] Automatic Thread Allocation During Local Job Execution

    In this document, how to optimally allocate threads to cores is presented.

  7. [JFT044] Pre-Post and Solver Parallel Distributed Processing Using SSH

    In this document, how to set pre-post and solver parallel distributed processing is explained.

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