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Recommended Application Catalog

We introduce analysis cases that we received inquiries from customers and are often viewed on the WEB.

[JAC233] Induction Heating Coil Optimization
As one of the surface hardening techniques for steel, high-frequency induction hardening has been applied to many kinds of mechanical parts. In general, prototyping and testing high-frequency induction hardening equipment requires a great deal of time and money, and is sometimes accompanied by danger. Moreover, in addition to the complex phenomenon called induction heating, material properties also change greatly due to heating exceeding the Curie point, making it difficult to estimate the heating state. For this reason, simulation based on finite element analysis which can model detailed phenomena is useful.
When hardening is performed, uniform heating is desirable, but there are significant factors to consider such as the geometry and arrangement of heating coils and the adjustment of current frequency and amount. When there are many design variables or items to evaluate, applying automatic computation using an optimization function for simulation can greatly reduce the workload.
In this example, an example of using an optimization function to design a coil to use for induction hardening a gear is presented.

Please see the website for “Coil Design Variables”, “Initial Design”, “Pareto Curve Produced From a Multi-objective Optimization” and “Sensitivity Evaluation Using a Correlation Matrix”.

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Sample data is available to JMAG proper users and requires license ID to access.
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JMAG Open Interface

We have updated our site introducing case studies of linked analysis.
In recent years, the sophistication of electrical equipment design is required. As known there is a limit to the design of magnetic circuits alone, therefore multifaceted evaluations such as structure, vibration, heat, and control are required at the same time.It is more efficient to perform coupled analysis by linking different software where they have their own strength in the respective physical phenomenon rather than to adhere to one CAE software.

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Case Studies
On the same page, we also introduce case studies from JMAG Users Conference Proceedings every week.
Case Studies of the Week:
Established simulation technology that visualizes the arc plasma interruption process. The mapping processing time of magnetic flux density data from JMAG to ANSYS FLUENT is significantly reduced from 4 hours to 15 seconds.

Please access the page above to view the case study.

KIEE Summer Conference

EMDYNE of JMAG Distributor will exhibit at KIEE Summer Conference.

Date: July 12-15, 2023
Location: Yongpyong Resort
Booth Number: No.7

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JMAG Users Conference 2023 in India

This is to announce that the India JMAG distributor PWSIM will be holding the JMAG Users Conference 2023.
The conference will have the chance to discover the latest developments of JMAG in electromagnetic design simulation and to listen real user cases studies.
We look forward to your participation.

Date: Recent Advances in Powertrain Technology: July 26 and 27, 2023
Location: Hyatt Centric Mg Road Bangalore, India

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