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Recommended White Papers:
Accuracy of Motor Plant Model Required for Control Calibration

We introduce White Papers that are most viewed on the WEB.

[W-MB-151] Accuracy of Motor Plant Model Required for Control Calibration
Control calibration is time-consuming work because it is carried out for every operating point using the actual machine. This paper examines realizing improved efficiency in control calibration by using a plant model. However, since control calibration is performed according to the characteristics of the actual machine, the plant model requires an accuracy equivalent to that of the actual machine. In this paper, the current command value of maximum efficiency control identified as an example of control calibration is examined and the accuracy required for the plant model is shown. It shows that accounting for iron loss including time harmonics is necessary to satisfy the required accuracy of torque and loss.

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JMAG Open Interface

We have updated our site introducing case studies of linked analysis.
In recent years, the sophistication of electrical equipment design is required. As known there is a limit to the design of magnetic circuits alone, therefore multifaceted evaluations such as structure, vibration, heat, and control are required at the same time.It is more efficient to perform coupled analysis by linking different software where they have their own strength in the respective physical phenomenon rather than to adhere to one CAE software.

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Case Studies
On the same page, we also introduce case studies from JMAG Users Conference Proceedings every week.
Case Studies of the Week:
The load current noise of oil-immersed transformers is evaluated by coupling JMAG (electromagnetic force and sound pressure analysis) and ADINA (structural analysis). The trends in noise changes that occur due to the differences in tank structure are simulated.

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JMAG Users Conference & Training 2023 In Germany

This is to announce that the Europe JMAG distributor POWERSYS will be holding the JMAG Users Conference in Germany.
The conference will be held over three days; the first day will be Training, and JMAG Users Conference will consist of the second day and the third day.
The Conference is a premier event that brings together EV automotive professionals and EM design experts to discuss the latest advances in the field of electric motor design using finite element analysis (FEA) and multi-systems simulation software.
Come join us!

-JMAG ADVANCED TRAINING: October 9th from 9:00am to 4:00pm
-Advanced eMotor Design Conference (JMAG Users Conference): October 10th-11th from 9:00am to 4:30pm
Venue: NH Collection Frankfurt City (Frankfurt, Germany)

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