To our valued customers,

I hope this E-mail finds you well.
This is Haruna Kato from the JMAG Users Conference Secretariat at JSOL Corporation.

We are pleased to announce that registration for the “JMAG Users Conference 2023” is now available.
JSOL Corporation would like the Users Conference each year to be an opportunity for users to communicate and share ideas.
A wealth of content will be provided to satisfy a range of skill levels including JMAG wizards and beginners, as well as those who have not yet participated in the Users Conference.

For those who have not yet joined us, those who could not participate in the previous year, those who have not attended for several years, and those who join us every year – we welcome all of you.
We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces!

■ JMAG Users Conference 2023 Program

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan KURZ of Robert Bosch GmbH will be the keynote speaker.

Robert Bosch GmbH, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan KURZ

“Best of Bosch – The Computational Concerto
Orchestrating Finite Element Analysis, Network Methods, and Machine Learning”

Electromagnetic field computation for present-day demanding high-end applications such as traction drives for electric vehicles (EV) is the major building block of a complex multiphysics optimization landscape. Given feasible but limited computational resources, such as high-performance computing clusters, there is a master tradeoff between simulation accuracy and computational efficiency. By carefully combining different analysis and computational methods, the related Pareto tradeoff curve might be shifted towards higher performance …Read more


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List of User Presentations

  • Concept Design
  • Large Scale Model
    MEIDENSHA / Yamaha Motor / Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions
  • Thermal
  • Vibration
    Ford / ESTECH
  • For JMAG Users (2-3 Yrs)
    Taisan Industrial / Hitachi High-Tech
  • Material
    ArcelorMittal / Kawasaki Heavy Industries / Nidec / Power Supply Technology / Mitsubishi Electric
  • MBD
    H3X Technologies / UAES / Rimac Technology / DAIHATSU MOTOR / SUBARU
  • Optimization
    Rolls-Royce Deutschland / DENSO
  • Induction Heating
  • Special Speech

■ Event Information


We will also update information on events such as Academic Poster Session and various technical seminars.
Please don’t miss them.

■ Registration

JMAG Users Conference 2023 will be held at the venue. Please note that there will be no online distribution.

Please proceed to the form from “Registration” at the bottom of the page.
 * The application does not guarantee your participation.
 * Request for participation at the venue may be limited depending on the number of applicants.

■ Overview

  • Dates
    December 6 and 7, 2023
  • Venue
    Hamamatsucho Convention Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Expected number of participants
    Approximately 400
  • Registration Fees
    JMAG Users: Free
    General Admission: ¥50,000 (without tax)

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