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“Brush up on Motor Design!” Vol.48 has been released!

“Brush up on Motor Design!” by Prof. Miller, an authority on motor design is available on our website.
From beginners in motor design to experts in design and analysis, this content can be of reference to everyone.

The following webinars have been published this month.
You can view it not only in English but also in many languages!

[Vol.048] Torque waves (Part 3 of 3)
The 48th seminar looks at the time harmonics in the current waveform and unbalanced operation.
The final demonstration examines the space harmonics, with no time harmonics in the phase current waveforms.
These three seminars illustrate the necessity of analyzing higher harmonic components of the Fourier series to understand what is going on in the complex process of torque production in AC machines.

You can also make inquiries to Prof. Miller if you have any questions. There is a comment form at the bottom of each seminar page.
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The POWERSYS and JSOL teams will exhibit at CWIEME 2024 the new features of JMAG, the comprehensive software suite for electromechanical equipment design and development.

Organizer: Hyve Group PLC.
Dates: May 14th (Tuesday) to May 16th (Thursday) 2024
Location: MESSE Berlin South Entrance (Berlin, Germany)
Booth Number: 22A56

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CWIEME Berlin is the leading event for coil winding, electric motor and transformer manufacturing technologies.
The largest industry gathering, CWIEME Berlin brings together highly specialised engineers and procurement professionals to meet new and existing suppliers, invest in new and innovative products and solutions, network with the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.