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New JMAG Ver.23.1 Out Now

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New JMAG Ver.23.1 Out Now

JMAG-Designer Ver. 23.1 was released in April 2024.
JMAG is being developed to automate design. To this end, Ver.23.1 has even more improved functionality.

  • Improved efficiency map generation speed
    Compared to Ver.23.0, the speed for induction motors is on average twice as fast and for wound field synchronous motors is on average 10 times faster. Induction machines and wound field synchronous motors, which are particularly time-consuming in efficiency map calculations, can now be included in early design phase.
  • Improved distributed processing for massive cases
    1,000 simultaneous jobs are twice as fast for parametric calculations and 1.5 times faster for optimization calculations compared to Ver.23.0. A wider design space can now be considered in the same run time, allowing the better design to be extracted in a more comprehensive manner.
  • JMAG-Express: SynRM Geometry Library and Scenarios
    JMAG-Express now includes synchronous reluctance motors as a motor type. This makes it possible to simultaneously evaluate efficiency maps, temperature and stress for permanent magnet synchronous motors, induction motors, wound field synchronous motors, and synchronous reluctance motors. The ability to support more motor types expands the items that can be considered in the early design phase.
  • MAG-RT: Open Winding of Three-phase PMSM/SynRM Models
    An open winding model is added to JMAG-RT. The circuit and control simulators can now study the control of open winding motors, further expanding the range of applications for JMAG-RT.

  • JMAG-RT Model Library
    Sample data [RTML-061] for open windings of IPM Motor model added.
  • JMAG-RT Viewer
    3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors and 3-phase synchronous reluctance motors now support [Open-end winding].
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    • Learning How to Use JMAG
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      “Learning how to use JMAG” is an introductory guide that will take you through a step-by-step process on how to start and use JMAG for the first time.


    CWIEME 2024

    The POWERSYS and JSOL teams will exhibit at CWIEME 2024 the new features of JMAG, the comprehensive software suite for electromechanical equipment design and development.

    Organizer: Hyve Group PLC.
    Dates: May 14th (Tuesday) to May 16th (Thursday) 2024
    Location: MESSE Berlin South Entrance (Berlin, Germany)
    Booth Number: 22A56

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    About CWIEME:
    CWIEME Berlin is the leading event for coil winding, electric motor and transformer manufacturing technologies.
    The largest industry gathering, CWIEME Berlin brings together highly specialised engineers and procurement professionals to meet new and existing suppliers, invest in new and innovative products and solutions, network with the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.