Run NVH Analysis of Drivetrain Using JMAG-MASTA Link with Sample Data Disclosed in the Open Interface Program

JMAG Model

  • 8p48s electric machine, 1/8 periodicity

motor model


  • EV drivetrain demo model with 48 stator tooth motor

part set creation

Import stator geometry with rest of drivetrain casing into MASTA via 3rd party structural FEA mesh and connect to drivetrain model containing gears, shafts, bearings etc.


  • JMAG torque and forces imported into MASTA via JMAG interface.

jmag data

Excitation Analysis

  • Spatial mode 0 of tangential forces (all forces acting in one direction around the stator) are high at low temporal orders
    8 and 16.
  • These could excite torsional/tilt modes of the motor casing.

Excitation Analysis

NVH Response

  • High response of motor casing accelerometer to order 16 of tangential forces in the speed range up to 2000 rpm. High response occurs at 0.35 kHz (occurs at 1313 rpm in response to order 16).
  • Tilt/rotational mode of the motor casing at 0.35 kHz excited by spatial mode 0 of tangential tooth forces.

Motor casing accelerometer

Acceleration, Magnitude X-Y-Z, At Gbx acc 8: Inner, From Input Power Load, Stator Tooth Tangential Loads,16th hamonic, Order 16 Damping=0.02

Summary:Model Preparation

Model Preparation

Summary:Analysis & Results

Analysis & Results

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