December 17, 2021
JMAG Division,
JSOL Corporation

Notice of License Change for JMAG’s Standard Feature Link to SOLIDWORKS

As of December 2022, JMAG’s standard feature link to-SOLIDWORKS will change to an optional feature and will no longer be a standard feature. In relation to this change, a separate license contract will be necessary to use this feature.

We regret the inconvenience caused to JMAG-SOLIDWORKS link users. A notice on the migration method is expected to be provided sometime around August 2022.


Function of ending support: JMAG’s Standard Feature Link to SOLIDWORKS

End of support date as a standard feature: December 31, 2022

From JMAG V22, a separate license will be necessary to use the link to SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORK Interface License
Please contact Sales for prices for CAD interface modules.

The feature will still remain available after December 31, 2022 for JMAG-Designer Ver.21.0 and previous versions, however, please note that support for the standard feature will not be provided.

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JMAG Division, JSOL Corporation